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NEWSLETTER N 7 teens & families

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Newsletter n° 7 september 2014

PHOTOGRAPHIES by Uwe Ommer  INTERVIEWS by Régine Feldgen
Exhibition 2014

Familles d'Ados. L'Europe, c'est nous !  France, Marseille in front of the MUCEM (simulation)



12th September
31st October 2014

Our 10th exhibitions since 2012 ! 

With more than 180 families
from 40 European countries

Day & Nigth 
in front of the new museum MuCEM

You are welcome to the opening
and book signing on
thursday 11th September at 6 pm
at the Bookstore of the MuCEM.




teens & families  by Uwe OMMER - Régine FELDGEN    www.1000families.eu/teens      studio4x5@neuf.fr